About Quill Tollers

Denver, Colorado

I'm Betty King, enthusiast of the "Toller" breed, Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, Denver Colorado area.

Our first toller joined us in the "80's" for a hunting dog for Dave. Since growth of the toller hobby, I train the dogs for hunting and hunt tests; and sometimes obedience trials. Dave hunts with them for waterfowl and gamebirds. Our dogs are part of the family!

We've raised two litters here and will occasionally have toller puppies available again.

We love Colorado's mountains, hiking, backpacking, fishing. Our tollers' names come from fly patterns, rivers, or fishy places. Like most dogs, tollers could be part mountain goat - they're crazy-good hiking companions. Emphasis on Crazy! They love to climb and swim.

To talk tollers, please write me here: bekin@comcast.net.